Disasters, whether natural or man made, have the potential to cause immense destruction and disrupt the lives of individuals and communities. In times of crisis, it is essential to have effective disaster management strategies and organizations that can provide immediate relief, support, and long term recovery solutions.

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Emergency Response By MSF

Million Smiles Foundation (MSF) were chosen to embark on a divine mission of “Relief work” for our Kashmiri brothers and sisters facing severe hardships. Amidst the destruction of homes, burnt ration and livestock, and chilling temperatures of -5°C, MSF’s Phase 1 initiatives provided essential relief to 40 affected families. Despite the challenges, Million Smiles Foundation stood in solidarity with local communities, conveying a heartfelt message: “We are here for our brothers and sisters, bringing a million more smiles.” The sacrifice of leaving my family for this mission encapsulates the true spirit of Million Smiles.

Million Smiles Foundation, in collaboration with FC Balochistan (North), has successfully provided support to 200 families affected by the earthquake, ensuring essential provisions such as ration, tents, utilities, and educational aid for the impending winter and rehabilitation period. Most importantly, we have shared not only our smiles but also yours, creating a collective million more smiles for them.

Pakistan: 2022 Monsoon Floods The unprecedented floods triggered by monsoon rains since June 2022 has wreaked havoc in Sindh, Balochistan, South Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit Baltistan. As a result, 81 districts have been officially declared calamity-hit. Millions have been impacted through loss of lives, livelihood and properties. At present, more than 33 million people are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance, as reported by NDMA. As rescue and relief efforts continue, a bigger challenge of rehabilitating those affected looms.

A series of recent nation-wide public opinion polls, conducted by IPSOS and Gallup Pakistan, reveal that Pakistanis retain high levels of trust in MSF emergency response efforts. We are recognized as one of the most-trusted civil-society organizations in Pakistan for humanitarian assistance.
MSF enabling infrastructure of extensive on-ground volunteers and relief trucks has helped generate a swift response. Our priorities have been devised based on the various themes of humanitarian crises that have emerged as a consequence of the floods.

Million Smiles Foundation relief efforts for the Christian Community in Faisalabad which were terrorised and their houses burned. His mission is to spread peace, prosperity, humanitarian aid enabling ethical, moral and intellectual enlightenment across Pakistan.

MSF did relief efforts for Christian families of Jaranwala incidents. The support package for 250 families includes immediate relief items were provided by Million Smiles Foundation.